Becoming Jo

Is there any woman out there who doesn’t want to become Joanna Gaines at this point?  Live that life in that beautiful farm house with the gardens and animals and five kids…ok, not so jealous of the five kids! I’m perfectly alright with my two and I’m not sure I could “become Jo” with five kids because I’d be clinically insane at this point…but you go on with your bad self JoJo.  I’ll do my best to become every part of Jo other than having more kids…oh, and we got that fixed a long time ago so it’s not even possible.

So we’ve got “Magnolia Story”, “Magnolia Table” and now “Homebody”

Not even going to touch “Magnolia Story”…There is no need to go back, start from the beginning, lose money, make money, lose money, make a ton of money, bail my husband out of jail, have a bunch of kids…that my husband leaves home when he goes out…get our own show, blah blah blah.

I’m going to start with Magnolia Table because I am horrific in the kitchen.  I can’t even follow a recipe very well so this should be fun.  Then I’ll move on to Homebody because that one will be easier for me…my husband will have to come on board for some of that but we will ease him in with some good old fine Magnolia cooking to start us off.

Here we go…The Jo we know…Becoming Jo…or some form of her by making her books and ideas happen in the real world.  God bless our family and this mess I’m about to make in the kitchen.  Stay tuned…I have to go buy the book to actually start this project!

Yours Truly,

Jo 2.0

PS No need to comment on being content with who I am and all that nonsense.  Very content in my little world with my hubs, two kids a dog and a cozy home!  Just having fund here people! (and since I don’t have any followers did I really need this PS?)


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